• Dare2tri was the first USAT sanctioned paratriathlon club in the country, this designation was awarded in 2011

  • Dare2tri’s initial goal, when the organization was launched, was a very modest goal of serving 8 to 10 total athletes

  • In 2011, the first year, Dare2tri served about 25 athletes. Currently, Dare2tri serves hundreds of athletes annually

  • Nine athletes attended the first Dare2tri Paratriathlon Training Camp; the attendance and impact has grown significantly since

  • Over 50% of Dare2tri’s athletes are new to the sport and complete their first ever triathlon with the assistance of Dare2tri

  • Dare2tri athletes range from ages six to 71

  • Dare2tri has traditionally comprised the largest percentage of athletes on Team USA



  • Individuals with disabilities are three times as likely to be sedentary as individuals without disabilities.*

  • More than 50% of people with disabilities are not physically active, compared with 23% of people without disabilities.*

*Information from “Physical Activity And Sport For People With Disabilities” Symposium and Strategic Planning



Dare2tri Award Winners

One Inspires Many Award

2012: Pam Redding

2013: Bob Fisher

2014: Dave Rotter

2015: Ray Chay

2016: Chicago Triathlon Club

2017: Dave Kappas

2018: Leon Wolek


Volunteer of the Year Award

2011: Luke Migalla; Fred Pratt

2012: Chuck Slattery; Lisa Krejcik

2013: Nakano Family

2014: Keith Danahey

2015: Deanna Larson

2016: O'Neil Family

2017: Eric Robb

2018: Rick & Nita Cruz


Inspiring Many Camp Award

2012: Justin Heck

2013: Howie Sanborn

2014: McKayla Hanson; Elizabeth Fideler

2015: Deena Lambert; Tom Giannettino; James Veltri

2016: James Gilliard; James Tabares; Brendan Quinn

2017: Dan St. Pierre, Dario Andrade, Alice Loma

2018: Chele Teabout, Jeremy Bishton, Maggie Peters

2019: Angelo Perez, Rebecca Arrowood, Evelyn Rodriguez


the biz-mone-Kyla memorial award

2017: Jenna Fesemyer

2019: Molly Lethert


evening2inspire honoree

2016: Alec Litowitz

2017: All Dare2tri Athletes

2018: Mayor Rahm Emanuel