dare2tri 2019 Development Teams

The Dare2tri Development Team is comprised of athletes who are identified as talented and emerging paratriathletes. By providing high-level coaching, mentoring, and support, Dare2tri can develop these athletes’ skills and help them reach their personal goals. Dare2tri’s Junior Development Team welcomes top-emerging youth athletes into the sport of Paratriathlon.

Each year Dare2tri hosts an annual Elite Team Camp for all Elite and Development Team members. The camp provides top-instructional and training opportunities. This year’s Elite Team Camp will be held at Lakeshore Foundation in Birmingham, AL, a Paralympic training site.


2019 Development Team athletes

Athlete Alberto Guzman running with a guide at Leon’s Triathlon.

Alberto Guzman

  • Classification: PTVI

  • Current Residence: Chicago, IL

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Athlete Dana Jatos running in a Dare2tri kit.

Dana Jaros

  • Classification: PTS4

  • Current Residence: Pleasant Prairie, WI

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Dee Palagi

  • Classification: PTS4

  • Current Residence: Portland, OR

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Athlete Dee Palagi running at Leon’s Triathlon.

Jack O'Neil

  • Classification: PTS2

  • Current Residence: Colorado Springs, CO

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Athlete Jack O’Neil cycling in a Dare2tri kit.

James Gilliard

  • Classification: PTVI

  • Current Residence: Naperville, IL

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Athlete James Gilliard running with a guide.

James Joseph Veltri

  • Classification: PTWC

  • Current Residence: Milwaukee, WI

James is a veteran.

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Dare2tri athlete James Veltri in his racing chair at Leon’s triathlon.

Kelly Worrell

  • Classification: PTS4

  • Current Residence: Cherry Hill, NJ

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Athlete Kelly Worrell running in a Dare2tri kit.

Michael Smith

  • Classification: PTS4

  • Current Residence: Fountain, CO

Michael is an active military member.

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Athlete Michael Smith cycling.

Owen Cravens

  • Classification: PTVI

  • Current Residence: Algonquin, IL

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Athlete Owen Cravens running in a Dare2tri kit with a guide.

Randi Strunk

  • Classification: PTVI

  • Current Residence: Minneapolis, MN

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Randi Strunk riding a tandem bike with her guide.

Scott Covington

  • Classification: PTS4

  • Current Residence: Evanston, WY

Scott is a veteran.

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Scott Covington racing at Leon’s Triathlon.

Tom Smurr

  • Classification: PTS4

  • Current Residence: Chicago, IL

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Athlete Tom Smurr cycling.

Uriah Steffen

  • Classification: PTS4

  • Current Residence: Indianapolis, IN

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Athlete Uriah Stefan running at Leon’s Triathlon.



Aihua Sprecher

  • Classification: PTVI

  • Current Residence: Chicago, IL

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Maggie Peters

  • Classification: PTVI

  • Current Residence: Fort Wayne, IN

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Ryan Lahey

  • Classification: PTS5

  • Current Residence: Waunakee, WI

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