Keri Serota - CoFounder, Executive Director, COACH

Keri holds a USAT Certified Race Director and USA Triathlon Level I coaching certification and also serves as the Executive Director for Dare2tri.  Keri is the Vice Chair of the USAT National Paratriathlon Committee and is dedicated to growing the sport of paratriathlon across the country.  She has a passion for adaptive sports and her enthusiasm for supporting athletes of all ages, ability, and experience level is unmatched.  As a triathlete, she has guided runners with disabilities in multiple marathons and triathlons, and in 2011, she completed her first Ironman in Madison, Wisconsin.



Dan Tun - CoFounder, program director, COACH

Dan became Program Director in 2016 after working for the Chicago Park District as an Adaptive Sports Coordinator for several years. Dan is also a USA Triathlon Level I and Youth & Junior certified coach.  He has completed multiple triathlons from Sprint to Ironman distances and has guided numerous runners and triathletes with disabilities as they completed various races across the Chicago area.


Ashley Schrader - Marketing & Public Relations Manager

Ashley is the Marketing & Public Relations Manager at Dare2tri. She joined the Dare2tri family in 2014 after earning her Masters degree in Sport Management from Illinois State University where she specialized in sports information and communications. Ashley has competed in various half marathons and marathons, and added triathlon to her endurance sports resume at the 2015 Dare2tri Tri It Triathlon.

Amanda Moswin - Finance & Operations Manager

Amanda joined Dare2tri in 2015 as its Finance and Operations Manager. She holds a Masters degree in Public Service Management and has several years of experience in the nonprofit sector. She is also an avid triathlete and completed her first Ironman race in September 2015 at Madison, Wisconsin.

Stacee Seay - Head Coach

Stacee holds a USA Triathlon Level I coaching certification and a USA Cycling Level III certification.  Stacee has a great passion for swimming, cycling, and running, and she has been a competitive cyclist for many years.  Her true zeal for adaptive sport is evident when she uses her knowledge of anatomy, physiology, and kinesiology, which translates into carefully structured and purposeful training plans that boost performance for athletes of all ability levels.  Stacee has been working with athletes with physical disabilities since 2008 and she has used this experience to enhance her ability to create personalized training plans for each of her  athletes, as well as keep workouts fun and challenging for a group.


Melissa Stockwell - CoFounder, Coach, Elite Team Athlete

Melissa holds a USAT Level I coaching certification and serves as a mentor for Dare2tri athletes as they train and compete.  Melissa is an Iraq War veteran, Purple Heart Recipient and above-the-knee amputee and she holds multiple Paratriathlon World Championship titles.  Melissa currently works at Scheck and Siress Prosthetics and is a mentor and role model to the other amputees she meets.  She is looking forward to working with all athletes new to the sport of triathlon and cannot wait to cross the finish line with them.  Melissa completed the Arizona Ironman in 2013 and is a member of the USAT Mideast Regional Council and USAT Women’s Committee.

David Rotter - Team Prosthetist 

Dave is a Prosthetist and Orthotist at Scheck and Siress Prosthetics.  He specializes in fitting amputees with sports prostheses, and he has helped many of his patients get back on their feet and accomplishing goals they never thought possible.  Dave is also the founder of the Chicago Blade Running group, which helps any level of amputee get out into the community and participating in running races.  The Chicago Blade Running group participates in at least three 5K races each year, and many of the athletes are crossing the finish line for the first time.  Dave is passionate about his work and     continues to be a local leader in helping amputees transition back into athletics.