Athletes and Volunteers

Youth, adult and injured service members with physical disabilities or visual impairments are encouraged to get involved. You can choose to complete all three disciplines of the triathlon or participate as a relay member. We dare you 2 tri!

Dare2Tri Participant Form:
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Volunteers, guides and handlers are needed to ensure the success of our athletes. You don’t need to be a triathlete to volunteer. There are lots of ways to get involved. Volunteers may help with everything from administration/organization, fundraising, web site updates, public relations and marketing, logistics, assistance on-site at races and more.

Guides may assist an athlete who is visually impaired through any segment of the race or may escort any of our athletes on any portion of the race. Handlers provide transition assistance, equipment and logistical assistance to our athletes without actually doing the race with the athlete.

Dare2Tri Volunteer Form:
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Luke Migalla, Dare2tri volunteer of the year 2011

From the words of Luke:

So why do I love volunteering with dare2tri?

I love watching and offering tips to top-notch bikers and swimmers as they convert to triathletes;  helping an adult who’s been in the water once get comfortable enough to float on their back and paddle around for a half hour.

I love that athletes aren’t bitter, don’t feel sorry for themselves and are out to kick butt. As one cyclist told me, “I just want to tell people, ‘I don’t need you to be inspired by me. I just need you to help me get to my next race.’ “

I love that athletes ages 7 to 65 are on a first name basis and always encourage each other; that an athlete couldn’t make a swim clinic because she was attending a downhill ski clinic.

I love witnessing quick progress—like the athlete who could swim 25 yards without stopping after starting the day having to stop six times to cover the same distance. I love that these types of accomplishments give athletes enough confidence to ride a horse, sign up for a triathlon, or play sled hockey.

I love that dare2tri volunteers, athletes and coaches have so much energy, so much knowledge, and so much camaraderie; that no one udders a discouraging word; that volunteers are always quick to offer creative ideas that become solutions.

I love having gained an extensive network of friends with such an array of backgrounds and experiences in less than two years; being trusted by an athlete with a visual impairment when I pilot a tandem or tether them on a swim or run; teaching the basics like maintaining an even pace and being properly hydrated even though it’s old hat for me.

Volunteering provides a sense of pride, a sense of excitement, and allows me to contribute to my community. I get to be in on something new. I get to share my passion for the ultimate sports trio of swimming, biking and running.

So to all you prospective volunteers, jump in. Don’t be shy. Put your talents to good use and join dare2tri!

Luke guiding a swimmer who is blind into the pool

Luke showing Eugene some love