Featured Athletes

Hailey Danisewicz

Hailey Danisewicz was brand new to biking and running prior to the 2011 Dare2tri season.  Hailey, as part of her internship at Great Lakes Adaptive Sports Association with Keri Schindler, was “required” to complete a triathlon as part of her intern duties.  Hailey accepted this challenge gladly.  Her journey started with David Rotter of Scheck & Siress Prosthetics where she was fitted with a custom running leg.  After about a month or so of training and coaching with Dare2tri co-founder and mentor Melissa Stockwell, Hailey crossed her first finish line at  The Bunny Rock 5k.  Hailey was on her way to becoming a triathlete.

Hailey running her first 5K

Hailey was already a comfortable swimmer and now that she was well on her way with her running, it was time to get a biking leg.  Once again Dave got Hailey all set up and Melissa mentored her.  Keri and Dare2tri member Dan Casara took her out on a practice ride just days before the RAM Racing South Shore Triathlon.  With only about two weeks of cycling under her belt, Hailey approached not just the start line but also crossed the finish line of her first triathlon!  She was hooked.  She went on to do two more triathlons in the 2011 season and is currently training hard for the 2012 season with her eyes set on USAT Paratriathlon Nationals in Austin, Texas on Memorial Day.

Melissa Stockwell-mentor, coach, friend (left), Dave Rotter-Prosthetist genius (center), Hailey Danisewicz -a triathlete (right)

Dare2tri is thrilled to honor Hailey Danisewicz as our first “Featured Athlete.” Hailey is ONE INSPIRING MANY!

Check out Hailey’s blog http://roadtotriumph.wordpress.com

In Hailey’s own words:  ”Dare2tri has changed me in ways that I never would have imagined. When I lost my leg, I also lost my identity as an athlete. Becoming involved in Dare2tri has helped me to change the way I see myself, and now after seven years, I consider myself to be an athlete before anything else. Through Dare2tri, I have gained a new sense of confidence, forged many friendships and discovered a passion that I otherwise never would have found. To be a part of such a supportive and dedicated group of people is truly a blessing. I am honored to be part of the Dare2tri family and am confident with these people at my side, the possibilities for me as an athlete are endless.”