Elite Team

Dare2tri encourages all athletes to enjoy triathlon and have as much fun possible.  Dare2tri’s ELITE TEAM is comprised of athletes who are dedicated to reaching their full competitive potential on the national and international stages.

Head Coach Stacee Seay leads the Dare2tri ELITE TEAM and develops individualized training plans to help elite athletes meet their performance and competition goals. Dare2tri is dedicated and committed to the members of the ELITE TEAM as they pursue and achieve athletic excellence. Members of the Dare2tri ELITE TEAM have won multiple medals at Paratriathlon National and World Championships.

Paratriathlon will experience its Paralympic debut at the 2016 Games in Rio! Of the six medal events in Paratriathlon, men's PT1 and PT4, and women's PT4 have been confirmed. The remaining medal events will be decided at the ITU and IPC board meeting in October.

With several top-ranked athletes competing on the Dare2tri Elite Team, many of them are working toward the "Road to Rio" to represent the United States of America at the upcoming Paralympic Games!

2014 Dare2tri ELITE TEAM


  • Mary Kate Callahan
  • Kendall Gretsch
  • McKayla Hanson
  • Diana Helt
  • Megan O'Neil
  • Howie Sanborn*


  • Hailey Danisewicz
  • Melissa Stockwell*
  • Levi Kane
  • Brian Norberg


  • Chip Gabriel*
  • Mike Wong


  • Patty Collins
  • Meg Fisher
  • Andre Ciliers*
  • Grace Norman


  • Israel Antonio

*Injured Service Member, Current Military or Veteran

2013 Paratriathlon National Medalists – CapTex Triathlon, Austin, TX

Melissa Stockwell (TRI2) – Gold – National Champion

Meg Fisher (TRI5) – Gold – National Champion

Israel Antonio (TRI6a) – Gold – National Champion

Hailey Danisewicz (TRI2) – Silver

Levi Kane (TRI2) – Silver

Diana Helt (TRI1) – Bronze


2013 Paratriathlon World Medalists – ITU World Championships, London, England

Hailey Danisewicz (TRI2) – Gold – World Champion

Meg Fisher (TRI5) – Gold – World Champion

Melissa Stockwell (TRI2) – Silver


2012 Paratriathlon National Medalists – CapTex Triathlon, Austin,TX

Melissa Stockwell (TRI2) – Gold – National Champion

Diana Helt (TRI1) – Silver

Hailey Danisewicz (TRI2) – Silver

Mary Kate Callahan (TRI1) – Bronze


2012 Paratriathlon World Medalist – ITU World Championships, Auckland, New Zealand

Melissa Stockwell (TRI2) – Gold – World Champion

Hailey Danisewicz (TRI2) – Silver


*Melissa Stockwell (TRI2) also won Gold at the 2011 ITU World Championships in Beijing, China and at the 2010 ITU World Championships in Budapest, Hungry.


Athletes who are interested in becoming part of the Dare2tri ELITE TEAM should contact Keri Serota.