The Dare2tri Elite Team is comprised of athletes who are dedicated to reaching their full competitive potential on national and international stages. Dare2tri is committed to supporting the members of the Elite Team as they pursue and achieve athletic excellence.

Each year Dare2tri hosts an annual Elite Team Camp for all Elite and Development Team members. The camp provides top-instructional and training opportunities. This year’s Elite Team Camp will be held at Lakeshore Foundation in Birmingham, AL, a Paralympic training site.

2019 ELITE TEAM Athletes

Athlete Adam Popp runs in a Dare2tri kit.

Adam Popp

  • Classification: PTS2

  • Current Residence: Arlington, VA

Adam is a veteran.

Athlete Ahalya Lettenberger competing in her racing chair.

Ahalya Lettenberger

  • Classification: PTWC

  • Current Residence: Glen Ellyn, IL

Athlete Andre Cilliers racing at Leon’s Triathlon.

Andre Cilliers

  • Classification: PTS4

  • Current Residence: Washington, DC

Andre is a veteran.

Athlete Andrea Cilliers racing at Leon’s Triathlon.

Andrea Cilliers

  • Classification: PTS4

  • Current Residence: Washington, DC

Ashley Eisenmenger running with a guide at Leon’s Triathlon.

Ashley Eisenmenger

  • Classification: PTVI

  • Current Residence: Tolono, IL

Athlete Dan St. Pierre running at Leon’s Triathlon.

Dan St. Pierre

  • Classification: PTS5

  • Current Residence: Frankfort, IL

Athlete Eric Fife racing at Leon’s Triathlon.

Eric Fife

  • Classification: PTWC

  • Current Residence: Milwaukee, WI

Eric is a veteran.

Athlete Howie Sanborn riding a hand cycle, racing at Leon’s Triathlon.

Howie Sanborn

  • Classification: PTWC

  • Current Residence: Denver, CO

Howie is a veteran.

Athlete John Jessup being assisted by two volunteers during water exit.

John Jessup

  • Classification: PTS4

  • Current Residence: Vail, CO

Athlete Jose Alexandre on a hand cycle during a race.

Jose Alejandre

  • Classification: PTWC

  • Current Residence: Burbank, IL

Kendall Gretsch in a racing chair wearing a Dare2tri kit.

Kendall Gretsch

  • Classification: PTWC

  • Current Residence: Madison, WI

Dare2tri athlete Mary Kate Callahan in her racing chair.

Mary Kate Callahan

  • Classification: PTWC

  • Current Residence: La Grange, IL

Athlete Melissa Stockwell running in a Dare2tri kit.

Melissa Stockwell

  • Classification: PTS2

  • Current Residence: Colorado Springs, CO

Melissa is a veteran.

Dare2tri athlete Zach Young in his racing chair.

Zach Young

  • Classification: PTWC

  • Current Residence: Cape Girardeau, MO

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