Elite Team

The Dare2tri Elite Team is comprised of athletes who are dedicated to reaching their full competitive potential on the national and international stages.  Dare2tri is dedicated and committed to the members of the Elite Team as they pursue and achieve athletic excellence.

On September 10-11, 2016, four Dare2tri athletes represented Team USA at the Rio Paralympic Games. In Paratriathlon, Dare2tri earned 75% of Team USA's medals as Grace Norman (PT4) earned gold, Hailey Danz (PT2) took silver, and Melissa Stockwell (PT2) earned bronze. Krige Schabort also raced in the men's PT1 classification, and finished 5th.

Dare2tri hosts an annual Elite Team Camp, the Official Technical Training Camp of USA Paratriathlon, for all Elite and Development Team members. The camp provides top-instructional and training opportunities.

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Dare2tri Ambassadors embody the mission of Dare2tri.  They have competed at the highest level in the sport and want to share their passion and expertise.  They have chosen to empower and lead the next generation of athletes by serving as an ambassador for the sport and the organization.  



Before becoming a Dare2tri Ambassador, Krige was on the Elite Team for 2 seasons. An injured service member, Krige finished fifth at the 2016 Rio Paralympic Games in Paratriathlon. He is also the 2014 World Champion, Five-time Paralympian, Ironman, and marathoner. Krige finished 2nd at Worlds in 2015 and 2016, and 2nd at the Rio Test Event in 2015 to earn a provisional Paralympic spot. He also was the 2015 ESPY winner for Best Male Athlete With A Disability. 



Before joining the Dare2tri Ambassador Team, Melissa spent 5 seasons on the Elite Team. In addition to being a Dare2tri co-founder, coach, and injured service member, Melissa earned bronze at the 2016 Rio Paralympic Games in Paratriathlon. She also earned three national championships and three world championships. She also has silver (2013) and bronze (2015) medals from the World Championships. 




Hailey has been on the Elite Team for 5 seasons. She has earned silver (2013, 2012) medals in the National Championships, and silver (2013, 2015) and gold (2014) medals in the World Championships. In 2015, she took first at the Rio Test Event and secured her 2016 Paralympic Spot for Team USA at Worlds.

“I was introduced to triathlon through Dare2tri in 2011, and completed my first race later that year at the South Shore Triathlon. Getting involved with Dare2tri completely changed the course of my life, by introducing me to my future career as a professional triathlete, and by empowering me in all aspects of my life.”

2017 ELITE TEAM athletes



This is Mary Kate’s fifth season on the Elite Team, and throughout college she was also on the University of Arizona triathlon team. Mary Kate has earned gold (2016), silver (2014) and bronze (2012) medals at Nationals. She finished 4th (2016) and 6th (2015) at Worlds. In 2015, she completed Ironman Louisville.

“My first introduction to triathlon was at the Dare2tri Camp in 2011 and shortly after, I raced my first ever triathlon in June of 2011 at Pleasant Prairie. Dare2tri not only introduced me to this sport but they introduced me to a group of people that motivate me every day; including a lifestyle that allows me to push my body and excel as an athlete. They have helped allow me to continue my elite athletic career and race against some of the best in the world.”



This is Kendall’s fourth season on the Elite Team. She is the 2014, 2015, and 2016 World Champion, and the 2014 and 2015 National Champion. In 2015, Kendall was nominated for an ESPY for Best Female Athlete With a Disability.



This is McKayla’s fourth season on the Elite Team. She has earned a National bronze medal in 2014 and a Mideast Regional Championship in 2015.



This is Jose’s second season on the Elite Team. In 2015, while on the Development Team, he finished first in the wheelchair division at the Mideast Regional Championships and 7th at the PC Open World Championships race.




This is Eric’s first season on the Elite Team. In 2016, while on the Development Team, Eric finished second in the men’s wheelchair division at the Chicago Triathlon.



This is Howie’s fifth season on the Elite Team. An injured service member and former Golden Knight jumper with the Army, Howie is a silver medalist from the 2014 National Championships. He earned bronze at the 2015 Open Worlds. 



This is Zach’s third season with the Elite Team. He was a national champion in 2014 and 2015. He earned gold in the 2015 Open Worlds race.




This is Brian’s fourth season with the Elite Team. He earned gold at the 2016 Nationals race and silver in 2014. Brian also finished 10th at the 2015 Worlds race.




This is Andrea’s second season on the Elite Team. In 2016, Andrea took gold at Nationals. In 2015, while on the Development Team, she finished fifth at the World Championships and earned a National Championship title.

“My introduction to the sport was the Chicago Super Sprint in 2013. I didn't realize how much I was limiting myself until I joined Dare2tri and then that all changed.” 



This is Andre’s fifth season on the Elite Team. An injured service member, he was a bronze National medalist in 2013 and the 2013 ParaDuathlon World Champion. In 2016, Andre took seventh at Worlds. In 2015, he earned gold at Nationals and in the Open Worlds race.



This is Grace’s fourth season on the Elite Team. In 2016, Grace earned gold at the Rio Paralympic Games in Paratriathlon. She also took first at Worlds in 2016 and silver in 2015. Grace is the 2014 and 2015 national champion. Currently, Grace competes in cross country and track at Cedarville University.




This is Ruth Ann’s second season on the Elite Team. In 2016, Ruth Ann took first at Nationals and seventh at Worlds. In 2015, she finished second at Nationals and took fifth at ITU Detroit.



This is Tom’s third season on the Elite Team. A retired military E-6, NY State Police, NY Air National Guard, and retired investigator, he earned silver at the 2016 Para-National Championship and 2016 Paralympic team trials qualifier in the 1500m run. He also took first at the 2015 Paraduathlon National Championship.

“In 2013 I attended my first Dare2tri camp. Their camp provided me with a mechanism that I was in desperate need for.  In 2010 I was victim to a vicious assault while employed as an Investigator with the New York State Police. The result of this assault left me completely broken both physically and mentally. I spent a couple years in a very dark place and lost my identity and who I was. It wasn't until I left Dare2tri's camp that I discovered who I was again and what my new aspirations are.  The structure involved in training for triathlons was the spark that I needed. Being on a team again, is what was missing in my life." 



This is Peter’s second season on the Elite Team. In 2015, while on the Development Team, he finished 6th at the PC Open World Championships and first in the para-ambulatory Chicago Triathlon sprint race.




This is Ashley’s first season on the Elite Team. In 2016, while on the Development Team, she earned first at Nationals. In 2015, Ashley earned a Mideast Region Championship. Currently, Ashley is on the North Central College Triathlon Team.



*Injured Military Member

Paratriathlon made its Paralympic debut at the 2016 Rio Paralympic Games! Of the six medal events in Paratriathlon, men's PT1, PT2, PT4, and women's PT2, PT4, PT5 were represented at the Games, as determined by the ITU and IPC boards.

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