Dare2tri Paratriathlon Club is a free club for youth, adults and injured service members with a physical disability or visual impairment. We provide our athletes of all ages and experience levels with bi-weekly practices, multisport clinics, individualized coaching, race entry assistance, uniforms, specific training plans and more. We also provide and maintain the adaptive equipment and make it available to our athletes for both practices and races.

Many of these individuals have high medical bills and adaptive sports equipment is not covered under insurance. We believe that by remaining active, our athletes will build confidence in other areas of their life and truly believe that they can do anything they want to do. Please donate now and make a difference in the lives of our athletes so we can continue to inspire many!

Examples of costs:

  • $10 covers the cost of tires and tubes for the adaptive bikes and racing chairs
  • $20 covers the cost of race shirt for an athlete
  • $25 covers the cost of a one day clinic for an athlete
  • $75 covers the cost of one athlete’s meals at the 3 day Paratri camp
  • $100 covers a race entry for one athlete for one race or one race kit for an athlete
  • $300 covers the registration fee for one athlete for the 3 day dare2tri Paratri Camp
  • $500 covers the flight and equipment fee for an athlete to attend the Paratri Nationals race in Austin, TX
  • $1000 covers the dare2tri operating costs for 5 athletes for one season
  • $2000 covers the cost of a youth adaptive bicycle
  • $2500 covers the cost of one racing wheelchair
  • $3000 covers the cost of a tandem bicycle
  • $4000 covers the cost of a racing hand cycle

Dare2tri now has the ability for you to sign up for a recurring donation every month. Check it out! For less than you spend on coffee per week you can help athletes with disabilities reach their potential and fulfill their dreams!

Donation Options