Workout Diary: Andre Cilliers

Dear Dare2tri,

What a great start to this season! Acting on an stubborn streak since starting triathlons in 2012, I maintained that a structured training plan would provide little benefit. Workouts were done based on my mood of the day, and generally fell into one of two categories, all-out or nothing. Well, I was wrong. While making some gains during 2013, I soon stagnated, with the ensuing frustration.

This March, I was fortunate enough to attend Dare2Tri's Elite Training Camp in Chicago. A flurry of weekend activity was followed by Coach Stacee's question, often asked before, "Will you let me coach you?" Ending my stubborn streak, I said yes. 

In less than three months, through a combination of Coach Stacee's guidance on workout variance, technique and form improvements, heart-rate zone training and accountability, the change around has been exciting, though Coach Stacee would probably say not surprising. My first race of the season resulted in significant improvements across all three disciplines, with the swim showing the most dramatic improvement. 

Then came Paratriathlon Nationals in Austin a few weeks later. With the swim cancelled due to extensive flooding, the bike - run combination played in my favor.  Knocking off over two min from my bike and run times of 2013 allowed me to proudly step onto the top of the podium in my Dare2tri shirt. Thank you to Coach Stacee and Keri for making this possible. I am looking forward to seeing what else this season may hold. 

- Andre