One Inspires Many: Tom Giannettino

Over the last four years a majority of my motivation has come from people who have inspired me to find a purpose to rebuild and refocus my life.  Then out of know where, I recently received a phone call from a friend who I’ve met just once.  This friend began to share with me how inspired he has become and how energized he feels when he often scrolls through social media and views images of me and other athletes involved in athletics.  This particular friend I met through being an advocate for dealing with Post Traumatic Stress and the prevention of suicide effecting our veterans and first responders.  My friend further added how some days he needs to find strength to even get out of bed.  During these personal struggles he went on to say that he often looks at my energy and everything that I’m doing to find his strength to keep moving forward.  He personally knows my struggles and what I’ve been through and basically finds his inspiration through me.

This is the first time that anyone has ever called me to share how much impact I’ve had on their life.  I have to say that it truly feels amazing.  As an ambassador and elite athlete with Dare2tri, I’m truly honored to be apart of this amazing organization and personal journey.  I think that every athlete involved with Dare2tri needs to know that we not only inspire others to be active in sports  but we leave an impact on others who may never experience sport but find inspiration in our activities.  When we say “one inspires many” that “many” may never run a 5K or cross the finish line of a triathlon, but they may just find the hope and strength to get up and move forward in life.

- Thomas A. Giannettino