Dare2tri Athlete Profile: McKayla Hanson

Get to know McKayla Hanson, who was named to the Elite Team for the first time yesterday, as she provides a post for Dare2tri:

When I lost my right leg at the age of seven due to rhabdomyosarcoma, I did not know where my life would ultimately take me. It was a challenge I had to deal with and eventually would need to embrace it. 

I had to learn how to walk with a prosthesis, learn how to ride a bike, rollerblade, and find out how to fit in with my family and friends despite missing one leg. It was not until 15 years down the road, that I realized these challenges I have had was what makes my life so meaningful, and today I consider it a blessing – all of the challenges that I have encountered.

Ultimately, growing up with a physical disability has made me appreciate all that I have, instead of what I do not have. It was through the sport of triathlon that I found out what my true potential is and that I am the only one that sets limitations on my life, not by someone else.

Being a part of Dare2tri has given me the opportunity to be the strong and confident person that I had always hoped to be and continue to be every day. They have made me realize that my disability does not define me, but instead that my sport defines me. Dare2tri defines me as being a “paratriathletes” and that word holds more meaning than “someone who has one leg.” Dare2tri will always be a part of my life no matter what.