Fosco Park - Swim Workout - 12.8.15

OWS with Partners for Fun

Snake Swim (Up one lane and down that next lane duck under rope and repeat. Optional: Get out at the end and walk to start.)

Snake Swim:

  • 2 Full loops of the snake
  • 2 full loops as: Drill / Swim with toys (pick your swim aid and do the drill up and f/s applying the feel of the drill down)
  • 2x Snake one per lane
    • Tarzan
    • UP Alligator EyesDN Sight every 3 strokes
    • Buoy Turn at each end of the lane
    • Sight every 4th strike

Partner Swim: (Still Snake Swimming) 2x each Snake Loop

  • Circle swim – Line drafting
  • Arrowhead Drafting - Switch leader each lane
  • Speedy Snake – Passing is encouraged!

Relay: Teams in lanes – Divide evenly. Starts in the middle of lane:

  • 2-4x Swim to the end and come back and tag your partner who swims to the other end and back to tag you.
  • 2-4x swim to the end but include a tumble turn somewhere in each length

Cool down: Snake swim at your choice and pace.