Fosco Park - Swim Workout - 11.17.15

Best Stroke Rate

This workout helps to determine what your optimal stroke rate is for you currently. Different swimmers swim at different stroke rates (sometimes also known as swim cadence or arm turn over).

Swim a good 200-400m warm up freestyle

Determine what your strokes per minute are by using a swim watch or have someone count your strokes for :06 and times by 10. Or :10 and times by 6. Not the most accurate but better than nothing.

After you determine what your average SPM is for your warm up use that to help determine what your optimal stroke or most efficient stroke rate is using this chart.

You will need the Finis Tempo Trainer to complete this workout.

Begin with a count that is 10 beats below your average and swim a 50m/y recording the strokes per 50, time, and rate of perceived effort (RPE) from 1-10.  1 is super easy but awkward. 10 is fast or uncontrolled, impossible to maintain. Somewhere in the 5-6 range should be perfect.  Perform the test each 50m/y and increase your number on the Tempo Trainer by 3 each 50.  Record the answers in each line to help you determine BSR as a baseline for furture workouts.

Once you determine your best most efficient stroke rate you can optimize your workouts using the Tempo Trainer Pro. If you want to increase your stroke rate to help you become faster, you can increase with the number on the TT each week to increase speed over time.