Training Camp Story, Thank You to Mr. Schlacter

Dear Mr. Schlacter,

For my first time at the Dare2Tri camp I ended up having such a great experience and I know it would not have been possible if you could not sponsor me. 

To tell you a little bit about myself and how I got involved with Dare2Tri would be important in order for you to understand how important it was for me to be at this camp this year and hopefully in the years to follow. 

I lost my right leg at the age of seven to a rare form of bone cancer called rhabdomyosarcoma. At the time I was diagnosed, only 9 people in the entire country were diagnosed with this type of cancer and out of the 9 there were 2 survivors. My cancer was so agressive that it took three amputations, chemotherapy, and multiple radiation treatments. 

The last amputation that I had resulted in a hemi-pelvectomy amputation, a list from the doctors of activities I could never do (roller blade, ride a bike, run, ice skate, etc.), and a spirit that lacked the will power to even get out of bed. Back then when I first became an amputee, I wanted the world to be my servant, I wanted people to feel sorry for me every day, and I did not want to try anything the doctors said I would not be able to do. Fast forward to today and this same girl, has a dream to make it to Rio for para-triathlon in 2016 and receive her Masters degree in Prosthetics and Orthotics. 

When I became acquainted with Dare2Tri in the summer of 2013, I had just finished a sprint triathlon in my hometown of Davison, Michigan. I knew that being out on the triathlon course, I was inspiring people left and right, but little did I know how I matched up with my fellow friends who were also para-triathletes. It was then that I was acquainted with Keri S. from Dare2Tri asking about the other possible races that they had and other events I could participate in. From then on the choice I made to be apart of the Dare2Tri family, has been one that I will never regret and one that has given me more possibilities then I could ever dream of. This year, I made it on their Elite team for triathlon and that is just the beginning. 

Because of your generosity of sponsoring me at camp, for the first time ever, I was able to run on a running prosthesis; a dream that is now a reality. If you could have seen my reaction, the drive and determination I had at this camp, you would have realized that not only did you make one persons experience life-altering, but you made it open doors to a whole new playing field. 
Dare2Tri, their logo is: "one inspires many." The coaches believed that there were two athletes who really held up to this logo. I was one of the recipients of that award. And again, this award would not have been given to me if you did not sponsor me for camp. If I could sit down and talk to you about the three days of camp, it would not be long enough, I would need three years to tell you all about the fun and experience that I had at camp. 
Once again, thank you for sponsoring me I am forever grateful!