Dare2tri Volunteer Profile: Bob Fisher

Bob Fisher (left) with son Jake Fisher (right) at the 2014 Paratriathlon Training Camp.

Get to know Bob Fisher, longtime dare2tri volunteer, Mr. Fix-It, and Team Fisher leader, as he provides answers for the Q&A below:


1. What’s your story?  

I just celebrated my 39th year at AbbVie (formerly Abbott Labs).  Most of my career has been in the maintenance department.  Unlike most of the volunteers [with dare2tri], I’ve never run in a race, although my brother and I did walk a 5K a few years back.  My expertise has become athlete and logistical support for many adaptive sports events.  I am also the leader of what Keri has dubbed “Team Fisher,” a group of dedicated teen volunteers that handle water entry and exit duties at as many triathlons as we can.


2. What is your specific involvement with dare2tri?             

As I said, I organize and lead the Team Fisher group.  This group is primarily student volunteers from Carmel Catholic H.S. in Mundelein, IL as well as graduates that continue to lend a hand, my son Jake being a regular.  Team Fisher also serves as the swim finish markers in our high-visibility green or orange shirts.  Additionally I’ve used my maintenance and construction background to design and outfit the dare2tri trailers to enable the most efficient use of the trailers for storage and transport. 


3. How long have you been involved with dare2tri?             

I’ve been involve with dare2tri from the first camp in Pleasant Prairie, WI.  I remember asking Keri where we could help, what she needed.  My son and his friends were the first water entry/ exit aids at that camp.


4. Why did you get involved with dare2tri?                

I knew Keri when she was with GLASA.  When dare2tri launched, I saw it as another opportunity to lend a hand where it may be needed.  To quote my best friend, “the little bit I do, affects many.” 


5. Is there a specific moment while with dare2tri that sticks out in your mind? If so, what is it?            

There are so many “moments” that stick out in my mind.  The start of every race is a moment that I look forward to, seeing all of the athletes in the water, the crowd cheering for them;  Paratriathlon Training Camp, hearing Keri, Dan, Melissa, Stacee congratulate a new athlete “You’re a triathlete now!”; Lastly, watching Team Fisher do their thing, those kids are awesome. 


6. What would you like others to know about dare2tri?                  

I’d like others to know the awesome athletes that compete under the dare2tri banner.  They are all athletes.  I’ve yet to meet anyone that was disabled in that group. 


7. What does dare2tri mean to you?               

Dare2Tri is an extended family to me.  I’m a little sad at this time of year, the season is over, trailers are packed, see you next year…. I can’t wait for next spring.  Maybe a few Tuesday night work outs are in my future, just to stay connected.


8. Is there anything else you would like to share?                 

I can’t thank Keri, Dan, Melissa, and Stacee enough for the opportunity they’ve given me to be a part of dare2tri.  It is truly an honor to know everyone involved in this group.  The positive energy is contagious.