Board of Directors



The Dare2tri Board is a group of passionate individuals who want to make a difference by helping those with physical disabilities, visual impairments and blindness realize their potential in the sport of triathlon. Board members provide vision and direction for Dare2tri so that it can work with athletes with disabilities at every level to teach skills and help athletes achieve their goals from the first ever swim, bike or run, all the way up to the elite athletes who are standing atop podiums around the world. Dare2tri is a vital source of support, inspiration and transformation offering a growing number of individuals the opportunity to positively change the course of their life. Board members believe in Dare2tri’s mission and in the power of sports and its ability to influence and change the outcomes of one’s life.

Our mission: To positively impact the lives of athletes with physical disabilities and visual impairments by developing their skills in paratriathlon, while inspiring the community at large.

Our vision: To serve as the premier model for paratriathlon programs across the world.





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